The Board of Trustees of The Governor William Owsley Foundation Inc. deeply appreciates all of those who have contributed funds, objects and more importantly their time in rescuing this historic homestead.

Please inform us if we have overlooked any one; any omissions are purely unintentional

A partial list of Saviors of the historic homestead:

  1. Bullet    Mrs. Pat Ballard:

  2. Bullet    Ms. Rose Holtzclaw

  3. Bullet    Ms. Margaret Simpson

  4. Bullet    Hon. John Wilson, The County Judge/ Executive, 

  5. Bullet    Hon. Ray Hammonds, Fr. County Judge/ Executive,

  6. Bullet    State Representative, Lonnie Napier

  7. Bullet    Ms. Judy Clark Adams, The Executive Assistant to the President of Farmers National Bank in Danville

  8. Bullet    Skip Gladfelter, Garrard Tourism Chair

  9. Bullet    Garrard County Tourism Committee

  10. Bullet    Nathan Mick, Garrard County Economic Development Director

  11. Bullet    David Feldman and Dr. Keith Grubbs, log experts

  12. Bullet    Sandy Gladfelter

  13. Bullet    Susan Ledford

  14. Bullet    Donna Metcalf

  15. Bullet    Marticia Moore Madory

  16. Bullet    Cecil Sanders Esq (1914-2007)

  17. Bullet    Edward Sherman (1952-2004)

  18. Bullet    Kitty Barsotti

  19. Bullet    Bob Noe

  20. Bullet    Terri Bourne

  21. Bullet    Donna Powell

  22. Bullet    Phyllis Swaffer

  23. Bullet    Samuel C. Durham (gardens)

  24. Bullet    Howard Parks Durham

  25. Bullet    Jerome Layton(arboretum)

  26. Bullet    Joe D. Haselden (for updating us on the Farra/Haselden families)

Pleasant Retreat’s Corporate, Governmental and Non-For Profit Angels:

  1. Bullet    Brown-Forman Corporation

  2. Bullet    The Kentucky Heritage Council,

  3. Bullet    Kentucky Historical Society,

  4. Bullet    Kentucky Humanities Council,

  5. Bullet    Lancaster City Council

  6. Bullet    Garrard County Chamber Of Commerce

  7. Bullet    Garrard County Historical Society

  8. Bullet    Garrard County Arts Council

  9. Bullet    Garrard County Fiscal Court

  10. Bullet    Friends of The Owsley House

  11. Bullet    Pleasant Retreat Season Newsletter

  12. Bullet    Owsley Family Historical Society

  13. Bullet    Ace Printing, Danville, KY

  14. Bullet    Sonitrol Security

  15. Bullet    Lancaster Police & Garrard County Sheriff Dept

Special Thank You to:

  1. Bullet  Mary Todd Glaser, formerly of Northeast Document Center now of M. T. Glaser Conservation

  2. Bullet  Walter Newman, Director of Paper Conservation at  the Northeast Document Conservation Center

  3. Bullet  Edward Polk Douglas, architectural historian

  4. Bullet  Historical wallpaper experts, Larry Church & Mark Kunzman of New Albany, Indiana

  5. Bullet  Bob Smith

  6. Bullet  Bethany Mito, for the kind use of her beautiful photographs

  7. Bullet  Ben Kleppinger for the kind use of his 2010 “Come Sit A Spell” photographs

  8. Bullet  Nancy Little, Maggie Morris & Kristen Long coordinators of the 2010 “Come Sit A Spell” event

The Board of Trustees of The Governor William Owsley Foundation Inc.:

  1. Bullet    Caywood Metcalf, Lancaster, KY

  2. Bullet    Bob Owsley * Cecilia, KY

  3. Bullet    Matt Barsotti, Lancaster, KY

  4. Bullet    Leighton H. Coleman III *, St. James, NY

  5. Bullet    McKinley Dailey, Lancaster KY

  6. Bullet    Roger Miller, Lancaster, KY

  7. Bullet    Roy Noe, Lancaster, KY

  8. Bullet    Donna Powell, Lancaster, KY

  9. Bullet    Julie Rodes *, Danville, KY

  10. Bullet    Rex Speake, Lancaster, KY

  11. Bullet    James Sanders Esq., Lancaster, KY

  12. Bullet    Shelly Bigelow *, Danville, KY

* Denotes Owsley Descendant

Nancy Little       James Sanders

Pleasant Retreat’s Heroes

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This page is dedicated to acknowledging all of Pleasant Retreat’s Saviors, Angeles & donors,

as well as

The Board of Trustees of The Governor William Owsley Foundation Inc.